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Our specialty and focus is providing innovative added value and performance to the Aristocrat OASIS suite of casino software solutions management products. Our product is extremely customized and tailored to each casino we serve. The casino software solutions add-on modules provide ideal complements to your property’s existing OASIS modules. most importantly , your property isn’t saddled with supporting two systems by purchasing solutions from casino software solutions, CSS’s modules work directly with OASIS providing the casino unified and homogeneous data within the least times.PromoTracker could also be an immediate add on module to your current slot management system. Provides high-end promotions managment, planning and analytic tools. Also provides bonusing, raffle and comping functionalities.

Add-On Module to current slot management systems. Allows pit players to be rated and awarded points, comps and prizes whilst slot players. Driven by an intuitive touch screen interface at each table, pit personnel easily track buyins and average bets, while the system monitors time played and awards points immediately upon the players departure from the table. Additionally, pit players become elegible for decent seat / random winner drawings powered by the casino software solutions systems because their cards are flagged as “in-play”. Highly integrated and highly intuitive interface brings cage operations to the 21st century. Tracking all ins, outs, buys, sells and assists in balacing at the highest of each shift. Provides full support for TITO, Tokens and Currency.

Casino customers will now be able to do many of the foremost important Rewards Booth tasks from the comfort and convenience of a kiosk. Now customers can check on their current point total, redeem coupons, print their own comps, sign up for events, and much, much more without having to face in line at the Rewards Center.

Play River Slot online casino software gives access to modern and engaging games to game enthusiasts all over the world. Our cutting edge software has a straightforward user interface with easy navigation, which is suitable for gamers of all age ranges. Whether your customers are newbies or experienced high rollers, they will enjoy high-quality gambling experience in your platform with the service of Play River Slot. Our team handpicks the most exciting and latest games with smart bonus schemes for your clients to maximize your profits.

For us, the privacy and safety of your customers come first. We dedicate much efforts and time to find the most secure ways of protecting transactions and user details. Our team also tests each game to ensure their fairness.

Engage your clients with attractive graphics of modern games
Maximize time spent by betting with easy setup and simple navigation
Build trust through cutting-edge security protection methods
Get help from friendly support team 24/7
Motivate players with cashback and bonus schemes
Provide premium gaming experience and ensure customer satisfaction
Boost profits with a high volume of gamblers on your casino

The Play River Slot team eliminates all unnecessary processes and simplifies gambling experience to provide high-level convenience to business owners and their clients. Depositing resources, wagering, using bonuses and other technical steps take such a little effort that your customers will dedicate all their time and energy to bet and enjoy gambling instead of waiting for technicalities. Our team not only cares about the gamblers, but also ensures comfort and ease to business owners and managers. Whenever you face problems, questions, and concerns, our support team is ready to guide you all day and night.

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