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There is plenty of cash within the gambling business but unfortunately, it’s not permitted in most of the states, and no-one can get a license. the good news is you’ll open a web sweepstakes games cafe which doesn’t necessarily classify as gambling if we glance at it from a legal perspective. the foremost difference between Sweepstakes Software cafe games and gambling is that the role of “skills.” Players either win or lose relying on their skills during a specific kind of game. they’re doing not bet money by putting cash inside a machine; instead, the purchasers buy a time behind computer screens. this is often often the primary reason why there are many internet sweepstakes games cafes around the country, which they’re growing.

These computers are crammed with games which theoretically doesn’t believe chance, but skills. The law bans “games of chance,” not “games of skill.” the thought isn’t much different from McDonald’s Monopoly promotion. the only difference is that 99 percent of the people aren’t coming for “burgers” but prizes. For McDonald’s, it’s just a marketing strategy, apart from you, it’s the backbone of your business. Therefore, some people noticed the loophole within the law and took the prospect to make many cash.

Sweepstakes Software
Looking to open your own sweepstake cafe & parlor? Look no further! We provide you the best sweepstakes software with hundreds of slot games.
BitBetWin’s Sweepstakes Software solution is a set of multi-functional management tools and creative slot games that can ultimately help you build an amazing sweepstakes parlor. With the arrival of anti-gambling laws, a new path for online slots players was paved, and that was playing sweepstakes slots games. If you want to supply those customers’ needs and run a successful business in this market, you came to the right place.

What We Offer
Our sweepstakes software solutions have been created through the industry-specific experience that the BitBetWin development team has. For those who want to come out as a winner, you need to take a chance on this product. Let BitBetWin create the best sweepstakes software solution for your gaming platform. Our sweepstakes software offers custom sweepstakes, integration of various marketing tools, high-end security, payment processing, management system, and interactive slots-like gaming experience for you.

Do You Want To Build a Sweepstakes Platform?
If the answer is yes, you need to explore the features that our sweepstakes software offers before you make a decision. As one of the main components and the initial reason why players enter sweepstakes parlors, games are crucial for these businesses. By employing our sweepstakes software, you will have access to many interactive sweepstakes games. We built the software and designed the games with attention to detail, and all of those sweepstakes titles are optimized for the premium user experience.

There are over a hundred online slots games that you can provide your customers with. The best side about the sweepstakes games of BitBetWin is the variety and quality. These are the two of the most concerning aspects while you are looking to employ a sweepstakes platform. It would not be an issue for you when you purchase our sweepstakes software because all the games we offer are tested, offer premium quality, interactive storylines, and compatible with various electronic gadgets.

Tested For Fairness
All the sweepstakes games that we offer in the sweepstakes software package are tested for fairness. The players who are entering your platform will enjoy this aspect without worrying about getting rigged or any type of inconvenience as they are proved to be safe and reliable.

Variety of Interactive slots Titles
You will have access to different sweepstakes games in terms of their type and genre. Regardless of the gaming taste of your target audience, we can provide you with the best slots titles that they can enjoy. Whether you would like to include more of a table card game content or heavily invest in slot machines, we have your back in either case.

Premium Quality
The quality of the games and their storylines is off the charts. Your gaming audience will love these games as they engage with players perfectly. They are simple yet so entertaining. There are many sweepstakes slots games in our software package, and all of them offer high quality visual and sound effects. These are the types of characteristics that play a huge role in the players’ decision-making process regarding sweepstakes parlors. So, if you want them to stick with your platform for a longer period of time, you need to cooperate with BitBetWin.

Another perk of employing sweepstakes games from BitBetWin is the compatibility. Almost all the slots games that we offer are compatible with different devices and operating systems. Your gamer audience will enjoy the best sweepstakes gaming experience from their tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers seamlessly. We optimized the sweepstakes games for small touch screens as well as the big ones, which makes them a perfect fit for both players.

Bonus System
TThe functionality and effectiveness of the bonus system in BitBetWin will definitely impress you. BitBetWin offers available promotions and loyalty programs that will help you engage with your sweepstakes audience and keep them on your platform for years to come.

Customizable User Levels
This feature will help your audience earn points and get a rank. Annually you can assign some rewards for the top three rank holders. The function is fully customizable, so you can change the requirements and ranking system as you wish.

Loyalty Points
Like the user levels, loyalty points are the promotional perks that will help you attract customers and inspire them to play more.

Loyalty Shop
In the software, you can create a loyalty shop that can help customers use their loyalty points and get cash prizes and free spin respins. Adding this feature into the mix will help you to keep the audience motivated

Available Bonuses
No deposit, deposit, Cashback, Happy Hour, and many more bonus packages are waiting for you in BitBetWin sweepstakes software. You can include any of those offers in your platform. Custom functionality is the key for our software, and you can always contact us for special requirements or needs that you have in your sweepstakes parlor. We would be glad to help you.

All of these features are customizable, and you can work on them to make the most appealing deals in the industry to attract customers and keep them happy.

Availability of Different Slot Titles
It is one of the best features that you can access by employing BitBetWin Sweepstakes software. There are many different slot machine titles that you can get. Whether you want to have multi-reel video slots or classic fruits slot machines, we can provide the best examples for each genre. The gaming portfolio of BitBetWin is rich, and we allow you to pick and choose which cafe games you would like to include in the package.

Seamless Payment Integration and Banking Options
It is not possible to play slots games without depositing, and that is the key feature that most players are looking for while evaluating available options. You need to be able to offer multiple payment options for them to choose from. As BitBetWin, we offer a multitude of ways through which your customers can deposit and withdraw cash without any inconvenience.

We have payment partners from all over the world, which would make your job a lot easier if you intend to compete in the global sweepstakes market. We offer MasterCard Visa, e-Wallets, Mobile payments, vouchers, and direct transfers. If you are not sure about those payment providers, we are here to help you. All you need to do is contact BitBetWin so that we can collaborate with you on making decisions based on the target regions you are going to operate.

Availability of Sweepstakes Casino License
To operate safely in this industry, you need to have a legitimate license that allows you to do so. By getting the sweepstakes software from BitBetWin, you would not need to worry about all the complicated documentation process because we are offering a gambling license for you in advance. It is part of the sweepstakes software package, and with that license, you will enjoy running a sweepstakes parlor legally.

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