Riversweeps Slots Use post card mailings for the encompassing postcode

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Riversweeps Slots Use post card mailings for the encompassing postcode to advertise your store and services. Include your store’s calendar of events and other important information.
Begin a customer directory with names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. Keep it updated and use (with customer’s consent) for email blasts and spam pieces, also as text message promoting.
Run some Craigslist ads promoting your store.
Following two months worth of a “soft opening” where the sweepstakes location has been running in-store and out of doors events/marketing (you’ve been working the kinks out of business during this point , too), the shop should have the “Grand Opening.”
Have a grand opening! Include several days of events, drawings, etc. with a final BIG day event and celebration.
Following the finale of the Grand Opening, the sweepstake cafe should reduce its marketing and advertising. At this point , a replacement budget should be created for ongoing, sustaining business, with periodic scheduled events.
Most important: have money to spend on advertising and marketing. If a sweepstakes cafe spends ALL its cash on sweepstakes machines and site up-fitting, leaving no cash for the primary nine weeks, it’s presumably SUNK before it even begins.


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