The Default Rate on Student Loans is Increasing

Loan default rates can indicate how well San Francisco Art Institute helps students afford to attend college without undue reliance on loans, particularly unsubsidized loans. It also can indicate future earnings and career potential. Pay close attention to the present statistic. you do not want to require out loans you cannot pay back.

A total of 191 San Francisco Art Institute students entered loan repayment in 2016. After three years, 4.7% of those students (9 out of 191) defaulted on their loans. The lower the default rate, the better!

The chart below compares this school to the typical 3-year default rate calculated across all of the 4-year schools we’ve data for.

A student is taken into account to be in default a student loan if they need not made a payment in additional than 270 days. The official student loan default rate for a faculty is calculated by measuring what percentage students are in default three years after graduation. Note that the default rate only takes under consideration federal loans, not private.

When compared to the typical three-year default rate of 9.3%, the default rate at San Francisco Art Institute is extremely good. this might be a sign that the school is functioning to satisfy the financial needs of scholars in such how that reliance on student loans, particularly unsubsidized loans, is minimized for the bulk of scholars .

Students are eligible to benefit from student forgiveness if they can successfully do one vital thing. As a student must successfully connect their Borrower’s Defense Claim to the lawsuit that brought down the Art Institute and its fraudulent activities. Please find below some of the necessary details you need to add to your application.
Monetary settlement figures
Links to reputable sources
Any other details you can provide to help build a strong case against the school.
Only after including all the necessary information, should you submit your application. Provided your application is successful, you can enjoy the art institute loan forgiveness, and get refunds for all your previous loan repayments. Since the benefits of this program are so significant, you don’t want to do anything that disqualifies you. Therefore, remember to pay close attention to the details and make sure to enter all the information required on the application form correctly. The application process isn’t challenging, but as mentioned earlier, you must complete it with extreme care. Please refer to the section below for details on the application procedure.

Filing a Claim for the Borrower’s Defense
To successfully file a claim for the Borrower’s Defense Claim, you need to point out the facts that the school violated the law in its dealing with you, and you enrolled in the institute as a result of illegal marketing tactics employed by the school. The writing of the claim has to be thorough, living no stone unturned. In other words, it needs to be clear to whoever will process your claim that you would have never taken out a loan from the Art Institute to complete a course if you would have known otherwise.
Remember to emphasize the fact that you were misled by the Art Institute in the matter of the loan. This is easy to prove because the Art Institute agreed to make about $200 million available to students. For those who don’t know the full details or are not sure about the details of the Art Institutes dealings that led to its recent closure, please read the section below to find all the information you need to build a solid case.

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